200th Post Congratulatory Hoedown

Has it really already been another 100 posts since our first meaningless retrospective? As tradition dictates, here is a collection of some of our favorite posts from 101-200.

Weekend Update 7.27.08
Come to Zion 9.01.08
Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders 11.01.08
The First (and Only?) Barton Family Turkey Bowl 11.28.08

Pop Culture
Caped Crusader Cinema: Batman & Robin 7.29.08
The Soothing Soft Rock Sounds of Yesteryear 2.01.09
U2 Discography: Zoo Station 2.21.09
The Compound 2.26.09

We Heart Sandwiches 9.23.08
All I Want For Christmas 12.16.08

Three is a Magic Number 8.03.08
A World Without a Voice 9.03.08

On a more administrative note, with our ever growing collection of posts, I figured it was time to start utilizing Blogger's "labels" feature. If you look below the blog archive, you will find the newly added subject archive. Now when you are looking for the recipe for Restaurant Style Mac & Cheese, or trying to remember what fake name our readers picked for Eddie, just click on the corresponding group and your search should be greatly simplified. I have already found this added organization useful, and I hope the rest of you will too.

1 comment:

Christie said...

congrats.. I'm planning a big celebration when I finally make 100 posts. :-)