You Said It, Pt. 3

Unlike our first two installments of "You Said It," these quotes don't come from movies and TV shows. They are gleaned from actual funny/awkward interactions we have had with different people over the years. Unfortunately, there is no way to include sound clips this time around. Instead, next time you see us, be sure to ask us to do our impressions.

"So, you two lovebirds just lovin' life?"
Our nerdy landlord, Larry, not long after Kristen and I were first engaged.

(If you guessed that I only included this image to toy with Kristen's irrational fear of birds, you would be right.)

"Radisson? Radisson on Lexington? I don't know how we're gonna pull this off."
Airport shuttle driver on our honeymoon in New York. We made the mistake of getting on the wrong shuttle, so our driver treated us to a terrifying drive across Midtown Manhattan.

"How is ya?"
The redneck Activities Committee Chairman in our Sugar House ward. Kristen and I had the priviledge of serving under him as committee members.

"I'll hook ya up."
Our obnoxious salesman at Civilizzation when we bought our bedroom set. I simply asked if delivery was free or if there was a charge, and he gave us the impression that our dressers would be stocked with illegal drugs when we got them.

(Now seems like a good time to mention that Civilizzation has a crappy logo. And what's the deal with those double Z's?)

"Buyin' that new Cinderella CD for Christmas?"
Walmart Cashier. Okay, first of all, it was a DVD, second of all, it was still early October, and last of all, I don't like making small talk with cashiers, especially the ones at Walmart.

"I found a dollar in my pocket. I am a rich woman."
Rite Aid Cashier. We don't normally shop at Rite Aid, but we went there to stock up on travel size bath supplies for a trip. As we approached the check out, the small hispanic lady manning the register informed us of her exciting discovery.

"I hungy, Dave."
Our nephew Josh, whom we used to babysit all the time when he was younger. Though we have many sayings that he originated, this is probably our favorite. Kristen still likes to tell me when she's "hungy."

"Ruh roh."
Middle-aged Waitress at Applebees. After making a simple mistake, she did her best Scooby Doo impression. Meanwhile, Kristen and I stared at each other in disbelief.

"Um, which one is roast beef? Sorry, It's only my third day."
Subway Employee. Okay, I'm willing to let it slide that you have made it through 16 years of life without learning the difference between turkey, ham, and roast beef. But you still don't know by your third day working at FREAKING SUBWAY?

"What's good here?"
Old Lady in line at Subway. We could probably do a whole Subway related post come to think of it.


Christie said...

I'm surprised you didn't include "we can deliver some wingz to the hizouse"

Jess said...

Thanks for not including my infamous quote which lead to the infamous sunnyD-out-the-nose incident.

Dave said...

That one would definitely make a "You Said It: Mario Kart Edition" list.