100th Post Retrospective Extravaganza

We here at The Dave & Kristen Show have reached a milestone: 100 posts. What more or less started out as "something I guess we should do because all our family and friends are doing it" has turned into quite a hobby. Kristen and I are always trying to think of new blog posts, and we often have multiple posts in the works at a time. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy updating it.

This momentous occasion gives us a good opportunity to toot our own horn, so to speak. We have looked back through our archives and selected some of our favorite posts, which are grouped by subject and linked below. So consider this the blog version of a clip show, where instead of coming up with something new and creative, we are just going to rehash our old stuff.

Our Year in Review 12.30.07
Deltalogue 3.30.08
Ten Things... I Have Had Absurd Dreams About 4.27.08
What's in a Name? 5.09.08

Pop Culture
Rambo vs. Commando 1.16.08
Bonology 1.31.08
Temple of Doom Live Blog 5.16.08

My Attempt at Journalism and/or Activism 12.18.07
Ten Things... You Should Never Have to Hear in Church 4.13.08

Assembling the Crib 1.27.08
Happy April Fools Day 4.01.08
Burgeoning Belly 4.23.08

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Ike said...

Dave, as a newcomer to your blog this is invaluable. I doubt I would ever have read far back enough to discover "Miss Douglas" and her Star Wars trumpet playing mad skillz. Excellent work. You made my day.

Christie said...

congrats on reaching 100. I was glad to see my favorites included-- 10 things you should not hear from the pulpit, and what's in a name.

Caitlinp said...

Krissy, I read your Jeff Someone/Anne (maybe) Something-or-other Should Be Unemployed blog. I think I picked up on a little sarcasm. Well done. I read one of the articles and now I wish I hadn't. I just don't have the stomach to read the other article.