Burgeoning Belly

Like a lot of pregnant couples, we have been sure to document the monthly progress of Kristen's ever-growing belly. I knew that eventually we were going to do something fun with these photos, I was just never quite sure what that was. Until now.

2008: A Belly Odyssey



Cheryl said...

Such the cute mom, sad thing is I don't have any pictures like that this time around, and just a few of the other pregnacies. You even planned ahead and wore the same shirt, good thinking. Can't wait to meet the little smidgen.

Christie said...

I should have taken more pictures of the progression too. Maybe next time.

Nice music selection, Dave.

Luke, Mary, and Tianna said...

That.... WAS AWESOME! I laughed....

I love how you wore the same shirt and everything. I'm going to have to do that next time around! I can't believe you are at 36 weeks (or more) already! I didn't realize you were so close to DONE! Yippeeeee!!!