Weekend Update

I love long weekends, because that means Dave is home to help with Eddie, and I have an adult to talk to. Since this weekend was a fabulous four-day weekend, it was quite eventful. We didn't actually do anything for the 24th because I was having a mood swing that day and basically refused to leave the house. But the rest of the weekend has been great!

The big news of the weekend is twofold: First, Eddie slept through the night two nights in a row! I hope this becomes a habit. Of course, I'm so paranoid that when he sleeps longer than 4 or 5 hours, I still wake up and have to go check on him just to make sure everything is okay. Then I spend the rest of the night on pins and needles just waiting for him to wake up. Dave, on the other hand, sleeps like a rock even if Ed is making all sorts of noise. Often I have to poke him, prod him, nudge him, shake him, and say "Dave!" before he will respond. Second, Eddie laughed a real laugh. My mom was the one who got him to do it and I've been trying ever since, but he is holding out on me. It sure was cute, though.

Four Generations
On Friday, we took a little road trip to see my Grandma Bass in Huntington. Since my dad spent the weekend motorcycling around Utah and Idaho, my mom also came. Needless to say, Eddie had plenty of attention from his Grammy and his Great-Grammy.

While we were there, we took some 4-generation photos in the yard.

Ed and his Great-Grandma Bass

Ed and his Grammy Andrews

Ed got a little tired of photos and convinced us we had taken enough.

Historic Helper
On our way through Carbon County, Dave was intrigued by a billboard that said "Visit Historic Downtown Helper," so we took a quick 2-minute detour. For those who are not familiar with the intricacies of Carbon County, Helper lies just north of Price. Well, "Historic Downtown Helper" consists mostly of vacant buildings, with a few antique shops and pubs in between. But Dave likes his run-down, old-timey architecture, so on our way back through on Saturday, we decided to stop for lunch. We ate at the Balance Rock Eatery & Pub (which yes, also sells antiques). It had some tasty sandwiches and onion rings, so if you ever happen to be passing Helper around mealtime, we highly recommend it.

After lunch, we found a shady park so I fed Eddie while Dave explored Main Street on foot and took some photos. We are considering future road trips to other old Utah towns just to find more fabulous photo-ops like these (and the ones featured in our Deltalogue post). If anyone has any suggestions for destinations, please let us know.

Helper's movie theater, which inspired Dave to come up with the idea that when he starts his own graphic design business someday, he wants to renovate an old movie theater into an office. Stylish, perhaps, but not very practical, if you ask me.


Cheryl said...

Maybe Dave should publish a book of photos of old time Utah. I dream of the day or should I say night that Sarah sleeps all night long.

Christie said...

It appears that little Eddie is getting some new rolls...

Krissy said...

I'm not sure why his second chin is so huge in the one photo... but it cracks me up!

Ben said...

With that title I was hoping for some Kevin Nealon shenanigans...maybe some Cajun Man...but that movie theater-as-office would be cool. How bout the old Utah theater in Logan? You know I likes me some Art Deco