Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

First things first, here is what everyone wants, Edbacca in all his glory.

When it was decided that Eddie was going to be Chewie, we had a couple of ideas for my costume. Kristen half jokingly suggested that I be George Lucas. She was a little surprised when I responded enthusiastically to the idea. I had been growing a beard, so all I would need is a flannel shirt, some unflattering jeans, and a little gray hair dye (and maybe a baggy prosthetic double chin too). Unfortunately, family photos the week before Halloween put the kabosh on that idea since I would have to shave my beard. The next logical choice to pair with Edbacca was Han Solo of course.

I decided to go with the blue jacket look of The Empire Strikes Back, because come on, is there anyone cooler than Han Solo in Empire? Don't answer that all you non-geeks out there. I was a little disappointed when several of my coworkers confused me for Indiana Jones. Just one of the cons of working in an office with mostly women I suppose.

Kristen did borrow my sister's Princess Leia gown that she wore for Halloween a few years ago. Unfortunately, it was just kind of big and frumpy, and not very flattering overall, so she opted not to wear it (and she couldn't be talked into the steel bikini look either). In case you were wondering, I also tried on the Leia gown when exploring costumes ideas. It really wasn't flattering on me.

A few miscellaneous things, the sunrise Friday morning was so amazing, I had to pull over and take a few photos, even though I was already in full Han Solo attire. Hopefully I inspired a few double takes.

And finally, ever wondered what Jack Skellington would look like as an old man? Thanks to the unseasonably warm temperatures, now we know.


Cheryl said...

I love it.

Christie said...

Oh my goodness. I love Eddie in the chewy outfit.. he even appears to be happy wearing it..

Team Ritz! said...

SO cute! Also, I'm glad you took a picture Friday morning, we couldn't get over what a perfect Halloween sunrise it was either.