Family Photos '08

Here are some shots of us from the Andrews family photo shoot a few weeks back. The complete album can be viewed here.

You can almost smell the pine. No wait, I just smell like candles again.

Eddie's not buying our faux casual pose.

Who wouldn't want to kiss those cheeks?

This one definitely captures the essence of Ed. Mmboo.

He can thank his daddy for his lack of a neck.

Eddie with his cousins, Riley and Dax.


The Cranney Family said...

I love the family pics. They are super cute! How fun. Your little boy was so much fun to hold at your party the other night. We need to get our little guys together to play when yours gets a little older. That would be super fun.

Team Ritz! said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Did you take those, Dave?

Cheryl said...

Those are great!!

Dave said...

No I didn't take them. Here is the photographer's website.