Battle of the Bonds

Here are the final poll results:

1. Daniel Craig's abs - 10 votes
While I figured the race would come down to Daniel Craig and Sean Connery, I didn't expect Craig to run away with the contest so handily. I suppose I neglected to consider that a good majority of our blog readers are women, and Craig seems to have a very Bond-esque power over the female gender. Not that I'm complaining, as long as Kristen keeps getting excited to see future Bond movies on opening weekend with me.

2. Sean Connery - 7 votes
Perhaps if I had revealed the above image earlier, Connery would have been the victor. A snug fitting terry cloth man romper can be just as hypnotizing as washboard abs, am I right ladies?

3. Timothy Dalton - 6 votes
Okay, there is no way that six different people would really vote for Timothy Dalton. The way I see it, there are two potential explanations. Either Timothy Dalton himself discovered our poll and wanted to pad his vote count (as seemingly indicated by the last comment on the previous post), or some jokester wanted to screw with the results. The latter isn't exactly unprecedented, so I'm going to go with that one.

4. Pierce Brosnan - 3 votes
3 votes—that seems to effectively sum up Brosnan's tenure as 007. A respectable showing, but not really enough to make a lasting impression.

5. (TIE) George Lazenby & Roger Moore - Zero Votes
Poor guys. Either of you could have been the one that our mystery jokester picked to vote for repeatedly, but that's just the luck of the draw. Maybe next time you'll remember to make your own luck. That's what being 007 is all about.

Quantum Reaction
We went to see Quantum of Solace on Friday night. I thought it was unrelenting and visceral, with style to spare. How's that for a quote worthy of the dvd cover? All in all, definitely a worthy follow-up to Casino Royale.
Our friends, Marc, Hali, Scott, and Lariann went along with us. You may remember the customized cupcakes that Kristen made as a treat when we watched the new American Gladiators earlier this year with the same group. Well, Hali decided to meet our challenge, and made a Bond-themed cake. She gets high marks for her relative faithfulness to the official logo.

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Christie said...

Yes, my vote may have been different had I seen the man romper..