We Heart Sandwiches

Kristen and I love a good sandwich, and are always on the lookout for new places to frequent. We had spotted Cafe Zupas recently and thought we should give it a try, but just hadn't gotten around to stopping in. Well, we got a takeout menu in the mail last week (how do they do that?). While perusing the menu, even as we were dilly-dallying over what we should cook for dinner, we decided the time was now.

Well, words cannot express the disappointment when we got our food. My turkey bacon avocado panini was little more than a glorified grilled cheese sandwich. Kristen's Chipotle Chicken Salad was beyond generic. As we were picking through the meh-riffic remains, Kristen accidentally tipped my water straight into my lap. With that icy surprise, the time had come to make a hasty exit.

On the other end of the spectrum, while out and about acquiring Eddie's Halloween costume this past Saturday, we tried yet another new place—Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. Even though their employees were trained to maintain that obnoxious "we're here to serve you with a goofy, happy-go-lucky attitude" customer service persona (you know the kind), we couldn't argue with the tastiness of the food. My "Italian Night Club" had just the right amount of zing to go along with the delicious pun.

These recent experiences got us to thinking about some of our favorite sandwich places, past and present, and our obligation to share them with you, our fellow bloggers. We frequent the big chains (Subway, Quiznos, Gandolfo's) as much as the next sandwich addict, but this list is comprised of those select establishments that aren't every third block, and are well worth the extra effort.

Kneaders Bakery & Cafe
South Jordan, Riverton, Midvale, Orem, Provo

A sandwich is only as good as its bread, and Kneaders doesn't disappoint with several artisan breads to choose from as your foundation. And while I am usually a roast beef and pastrami kind of guy, I find myself going for Kneaders' delicious pulled turkey sandwiches more often than not. Their Turkey Bacon Avocado on Focaccia could definitely beat up the one from Cafe Zupas.

Park City, Downtown Salt Lake

Leger's makes the kind of sandwich that has a certain homemade quality, only it always tastes so much better than what I make myself. A regular in my lunch rotation when I worked for the corporation that shall not be named, I'd grab a half pastrami on sourdough, then make a quick stop at the 7-Eleven for a 32 oz. Mountain Dew Code Red (no wonder I was packing on the pounds). I made sure to take Kristen there on the way to the family cabin earlier this summer.

Logan's Heroes

Shockingly enough, for all the time we lived in Logan, and as many times as we drove past this little hole-in-the-wall on Main Street, we didn't get around to trying it until just before we moved down to Salt Lake. I don't remember a whole lot about it other than their sandwiches were indeed heroic. We have still only been there that once, but we definitely need to make time for a return visit next time we are in Cache Valley.

New York NY Fresh Deli
Formerly South Jordan, Downtown Salt Lake

Not long after moving to South Jordan, we spotted this little deli and quickly became faithful patrons. After a few visits, we noticed we were typically the only ones in the place, save the stocky Italian man making the sandwiches, so we kind of figured its days were numbered. However, that didn't lessen the blow any when earlier this year I stopped by to grab some take-out and was met with a handwritten note explaining they had closed. Apparently there is another location downtown, but suburbanites like us are scared of the big city.

The Robin's Nest
Formerly Sugar House, Downtown Salt Lake

Once we discovered The Robin's Nest, we'd stop in all the time to grab a few sandwiches (on "squeak & bubble" ciabatta bread as they called it), and head over to Sugar House Park for many an impromptu picnic. That is until they moved their location downtown and we moved to South Jordan. Apparently we need to plan a weekend getaway to the city and dine on nothing but sandwiches from our old favorites (plus, I've heard good things about Tony Caputo's).

Sandy, Downtown Salt Lake

I was first introduced to the serious sandwich with the funny name when my dad was doing the Money Mailer thing, and we met him there for lunch one day. I have been a believer ever since. We aren't over in Sandy all that much, but when we are, we know where we are going to eat. The soon to be former location in the ZCMI food court was also a favorite dinner stop when going to do sessions at the Salt Lake Temple.

Village Baker
West Jordan

Village Baker is a takeout staple of the Salt City Candle office, offering generous portions at very reasonable prices. Along with New York NY Fresh Deli, it was also a hot spot where Kristen could get her chicken salad sandwich fix when she was pregnant and deli meat was off limits (have I mentioned I'm grateful to be a man?).

Now it becomes your obligation to notify us of any other good sandwich places we may be missing out on. But wouldn't you know it, Kristen has made a stop at Village Baker in her travels today so she can meet me at the park for lunch. If you will excuse me, all this blogging has made me hungry.


Cheryl said...

mmm, It's lunch time too.

robmba said...

In addition to Logan's heroes, there's also Logan Burgers & Sandwiches. They make a pretty good pastrami at LBS.

Ike said...

Nice post. Everyone loves sandwiches, right?

One of my buddies used to work at Cutlers, so I have fond memories of that place (and getting free food). But it's definitely overpriced for something you could make at home.

Right now me and the wife are big fans of Spanky's in Colonial Square. If you haven't tried it, do.

I have a coworker who peed his pants when he found out Jimmy Johns was coming to northern Utah.

Team Ritz! said...

Ah yes...I was roommates with one of the Kneader's owner's daughters. I got spoiled since she would bring us fresh Kneader's bread every Sunday.

Another yummy place to try in West Jordan is Riley's Sandwich and Shake Shop. They're on Redwood across from the courthouse, and as their name suggests, their sandwiches and shakes are very yummy.

Dave said...

We have been to Riley's a few times actually. Pretty good, although not quite good enough to pass by Kneaders or Village Baker on the way there.

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Christie said...

Ahh sandwiches. My favorite sandwich is the caprese (fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, sometimes pesto). Tony Caputos makes a great one, as does a little deli in the avenues called Cucina.

If you're ever in Ogden looking for a meal, definitely try a sandwich at the Union Grill(they have many winners-- chicken salad, turkey avocado, cajun turkey, caprese).

On the other hand, if you're looking for a nice greasy sammie, go for the grilled ham and cheese at Hires Big H. And do any of the Bartons ever dream about Sandwiches Unlimited in NJ? It looks like sandwiches will be my craving of the week. I may need to do my own sandwich post... mmmm... sandwiches.

Caitlinp said...

I'd have to recommend Sensuous Sandwhich on Center street in Provo. It's terribly dirty and covered with cheesy/tongue-in-cheek posters, but it's yummy and cheap. AND they have Calvin and Hobbes and Far Side comics on the table. It's a favorite. Spanky's in Colonial Square is definitely a good one, too.

Jamie and Tom said...

Kristen!! I didn't know you had a blog! This is super exciting! This is Jamie King by the way. Question- what is the sandwich place in logan you (or dave) mentioned on here? I've never heard of it, and I think if you need to make a special trip up here to get a sandwich, Tom and I just may need to go! Anyways hope you're doing great!

Team Ritz! said...

Steve's recommendations...Town & Country Market in salt lake, Grove Market & Deli in salt lake, Moochie's also in salt lake, Prime Sandwiches in bluffdale about 1/4 mile from the prison so if you're ever in that area. By the way out of the big 3 chains you mentioned Quiznos is so much better than the other 2. Plus you left out Blimpie in the chain list, a solid number 2 to Quiznos. In dead last...Subway with their old slogan "eat fresh" which should have been "eat previously frozen over toasted bread with microwaved meat processed cheese terrible iceburg lettuce unripe tomatoes and sandwich meat that doesn't even stand a chance against a package of that nasty carl buddig crap"