Gall Darn It

Kristen had been experiencing some back pain and abdominal pain off and on since last Saturday. Yesterday morning at about 4 am, she woke me up to rub her back, since it was hurting pretty bad (talk about a pregnant wife flashback). She also had to throw up a few times, but eventually fell asleep. When I got up to go to work she seemed to be doing better, but I told her if she was having trouble taking care of Eddie, I would come home to help out.

About 10 am, she let me know that she needed me, because she couldn't hold Eddie at all without losing her cookies. When I got home, she looked completely dazed, and had been throwing up consistently. Kristen thought she just had the stomach flu, but with our friends Ben and Becky's recent story of appendicitis on my mind, I decided it was for the best if we took her to the Emergency Room. After various tests, the doctors determined that she didn't have the stomach flu, or appendicitis, but gallstones.

Kristen was admitted into the hospital late yesterday afternoon, and the mysterious surgeon we had been hearing about all day finally showed up around 8:30 pm to give his consultation. He informed us that Kristen was going to need to have her gallbladder removed in order to avoid similar such problems in the future. However, her white blood cell count was high, and her pancreas was overworked, so surgery would have to wait until things looked better. Since her pancreas needs to simmer down, she hasn't been allowed to eat or drink anything through the mouth. She has been getting all her nutrients through an IV, and to wet her whistle, she can only wipe her mouth with a moist swab. How refreshing!

The surgeon came in again this afternoon, and let us know that all her blood tests were looking a lot better, and if things continue to improve, she will bid adieu to her gallbladder sometime tomorrow. Eddie has been a real trooper through it all, continuing to smile, squeal, and blow spit bubbles, even as he has been subjected to a crash course in eating baby formula. Kristen's parents rushed up from Cedar City yesterday afternoon when they heard the news, so that has been a great help. We will be sure to keep everyone updated as to how the surgery goes.


Ben said...

Whoa, deja vu...Here's to a successful surgery. I can't believe the surgeon had the "gall" to not show up until 8:30! (forced? maybe)

Kirsten said...

Hope all went well today...she is in our prayers!

Christie said...

Is Kristen home yet? Let me know if you need anything!

Becky said...

Poor Kristen! Hope you get feeling better!

ScottBoomer said...

How come we have to hear about this on your blog, couldn't you call us?