Scenic Scipio

The drive to Cedar City is a little bit too long for Eddie to handle all in one trip. On our way down last Friday night, we stopped in Fillmore so he could enjoy a quick snack and get his wiggles out. On our way home Monday afternoon, Ed was breaking down about the time we were coming up on Scipio, so we decided to stop there. Most people have probably never been past the Scipio gas stations, and we were no exception.

After a quick stop at Dairy Queen, we proceeded to cruise through town in search of a park. Luckily we found one just before civilization dropped completely away. As it turns out, the Scipio Dairy Queen is in serious need of some quality control. My twist cone was actually more of a chocolate cone with a thin vanilla racing stripe, and Kristen ended up giving up on her cookie dough blizzard halfway through. Shocking, I know, but it had consistency of cookie dough soup. Anyway, once our mediocre dairy treats were out of the way, we ventured over to the playground.

Eddie's first ride on a slide. His mommy was much more scared than he was.

Once it was time for Eddie to eat, I hit the street with camera in hand to continue my photographic series of old timey Utah. Previous installments can be found here and here.


Team Ritz! said...

OH, I have been to the DQ in Scipio, my friends. I was on my way down to St. George to meet up with a client, and I was STARVING so I thought I'd stop and get something while I still could.

Although it was 8:00pm, it was still well within business hours, and the "open" sign was still on. However, the pimpley, goat-roping teens inside had better things to do than take my order. After attempting several times to get the attention of ANYONE inside, the drive-through lights suddenly went out. I took that as my signal that I wasn't getting anything to eat anytime soon...

Darin and Betsy said...

Ha ha! My husband is from Salina which is right next to scipio! Both towns are way too small for me to live in!