Redeemed From the Gall of Bitterness

The surgery to remove Kristen's gallbladder went ahead as planned on Sunday afternoon. I thought about suggesting that they take out her appendix and any other superfluous organs while she was under, but apparently that's not how it works. Everything went just fine, although the surgeon determined that another procedure was needed on Monday to fish out any loose gallstones still floating around in her bowels. Once she was officially "de-stoned," Kristen got to enjoy a delicious diet of beef broth, jello, and apple juice on the road to recovery.

The doctor was only slightly more punctual than he was on Friday as we anxiously awaited word on Kristen's possible release today. After the nurse called him several times during the day to see when he was coming, he finally strolled in around 4:30. When he briefly inquired, "your vitals look good, you wanna go home?" Kristen responded with a firm "YES."

After what has seemed like a lifetime, we all got home a little while ago. Kristen just enjoyed a very refreshing shower, and now we are going to dine on some chicken noodle soup, courtesy of the Relief Society. Our gratitude goes out to all of you for your continuing thoughts and prayers.


Cheryl said...

We are glad she is home now, hope the road to recovery is fast.

Caitlinp said...

I'm so glad everything is okay. Looks like an awesome picture. Next time we get together I'll bring mine and we can compare! Remember, no spicy, greasy, fatty foods.

Christie said...

Glad you're home! Let me know if you need me to bring you some more broth and jello (or to come take Eddie off your hands for an hour or two so you can take a nap..).

Ben said...

Whoa Deja vu...Relief Society Brand Chicken Noodle Soup was Becky's first post-op meal upon returning home! Glad everything went well