Cinematic Utah: The Price is Right

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Since we were heading to Huntington on Labor Day weekend to visit Kristen's grandma, we planned a little "end of summer" stay at the Super 8 in Price. Kristen already shared the gory details of our night in a memorable post on Eddie's blog last month, so I won't rehash them here. But the real reason I even agreed to stay the night in Price in the first place was so I could shoot the movie theaters. First thing the next morning, I dropped Kristen and Eddie off at the Dino-Mine Park and headed down to Price's mostly abandoned Main Street. I say "mostly" because keeping me company was a weird guy who was pacing around on a street corner yelling things to himself—the very corner where the Crown Theatre was situated, of course.

Price Theatre #1 // Price // 9.4.10

Price Theatre #2 // Price // 9.4.10

Crown Theatre #1 // Price // 9.4.10

Crown Theatre #2 // Price // 9.4.10

Star Theatre #1 // Huntington // 9.4.10

Star Theatre #2 // Huntington // 9.4.10


Caitlinp said...

Maybe the guy by the Crown theater had something to do with it being nextdoor to The Silver Dollar? I love these photos. I have a new suggestion for you--Kamas (or Oakley or somewhere in between). And you can eat at the Road Island Diner. It would be worth the trip!

Dave said...

The Kamas Theatre was featured in the post Magna-ficent Marquees, and the Avon Theatre in Heber City was part of Wasatch Front to Back. Of course the Road Island Diner is worthy of its own photo shoot. The Egyptian Theatre in Park City would also be cool.

Cheeseboy said...

Great to see the select few that are still actually open.