New Job-servations

I've only been at my new job for three weeks now, but that's plenty of time to make a few trivial observations, right?

I find it fascinating to look back on the diversity of the different places I have worked and how they have reflected the various factions of local culture. Nutraceutical was a veritable breeding ground for outspoken liberals. At times Salt City seemed to be an endless parade of Jack Mormons. Now at Stampin' Up, it is not uncommon to overhear the personal progress status of all the girls in so-and-so's Young Women's group.

Since the work environment is very open, people are having conversations all around which I don't really hear other than as background noise. But often I will notice when the conversational tones become hushed as the subject matter turns "juicy." I unconsciously find myself straining to listen in, even though I probably have no idea who or what they are talking about.

In working for a bigger company, I am sharing a public bathroom for the first time since I had a student job working in Old Main. Let's just say I have some personal issues with this, particularly when I hear a symphony of sounds emanating from the stall next to me. But in the plus column, I work for a rubber stamping company, so the men's bathroom is generally empty.

On a more serious note, it has been refreshing to be faced with new challenges, and I am greatly enjoying the collaboration that comes with being surrounded by other creative professionals. As I adjust to a more demanding daily schedule (during the day at Stampin' Up as well as keeping up on Salt City projects in the evenings), it's been surprising how much less time I have for blogging, looking at Facebook and the like.


Ben said...

Will Dave's new busy schedule signal the death of the Dave and Kristen Show? Or at least the death of the Sundancers' (cough) reign of terror?

Dave said...

Well, you are the expert in such matters, given the demise of Ben & Becky Blog and the collapse of the Zermatt dynasty.

Cheeseboy said...

Maybe you can blog the YW activities your coworkers do each week? Or just start a separate blog devoted to that?