Two Trimesters Down

Since Dave is now too busy to blog regularly, I feel the need to pick up the slack. Unfortunately for you, that means more posts about me being pregnant. This week marks the last week of my second trimester. This pregnancy is going so much faster than it did with Eddie. I decided that can probably be attributed to one or more of the following reasons:
  1. I have been busy and have had to spend some of my time thinking about things other than the baby.
  2. Dealing with Eddie has addled my brains and I no longer have any concept of time.
  3. Worrying about switching Eddie to a big-boy bed and potty training him in the next two months is occupying all available brain space.
Whatever the reason, I feel like time is flying and Morsel will be here before we know it. I feel like I am better prepared for the baby this time around, but I also realize how much more complicated life will be with two kids. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for a healthy, mellow baby girl, and a gentle, helpful big brother.

Here I am in all my 25-week glory.

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Heather Dayton said...

Lookin' Good! Having 2 babies is so much better than being pregnant and just having one. At least it is for me. :)