Dream Theater

The details of my dreams usually escape me by the time I am eating breakfast, but not the one I had last night. In this particular dream, Eddie and I were bumming around Utah County for a nondescript purpose. We eventually found ourselves at the BYU campus and went into a building. I noticed a big crowd was gathering in the hallway so we slipped into one of the classrooms, but I quickly realized these people were waiting in line to get into the very room we had just entered.

Soon Thomas S. Monson walked in, and came over to chat with us and even pose for a few pictures. As the crowd began to make their way inside, it became clear that President Monson was there to make some sort of announcement to the press.

Here's where it started to get a little weird. Before the press conference could start, AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" could be heard playing from an adjacent room. Well, apparently President Monson was an AC/DC fan, because he started playing air guitar and lightheartedly bouncing around with one leg up in the air like Angus Young. Some other stuff probably happened afterwords, but that was the lasting image in my head when I woke up.


Krissy said...

It's no robot-zombie dream... but I guess it should make me feel better that I'm not the only crazy one around here.

Cheeseboy said...

Oddly enough, I wasn't surprised at all until I found out it was a dream.