Instant Halloween Three!

After taking last year off, my Instant Halloween! music series has returned with a vengeance. This latest volume features the usual mix of spooky rock songs including Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare," ominous classical selections such as Carl Orff's "O Fortuna," and eerie movie themes like Henry Mancini's "Wait Until Dark." Unfortunately, "Big Bad Wolf" from the dance scene in Teen Wolf once again failed to make the cut. As before, you should be able to barely squeeze this collection onto a blank CD (if you are still into that sort of thing).

Download Instant Halloween Three! (75 MB)

Did you miss out on the first two installments? Complete the trilogy:

Download Instant Halloween! (73 MB)
Download Instant Halloween Too! (75 MB)

For all you Teen Wolf lovers out there—please accept this embedded video shout out.

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Scarlet said...

Thanks! I have loved the last two installments of Instant Halloween! This will be great to add to the collection!