The Pumpkin Walk '10

It's that time of year again—when a chill hits the air, the leaves change to gold and red, and the citizens of Cache County collaborate to put on an unrivaled display of gourd-centric arts at the North Logan Pumpkin Walk.

Last year we snuck a photo of Eddie posing as the Little Mermaid. This year it's Jessie from Toy Story. "Yeeee-haw!"

A little precursor to Eddie's Halloween costume.

All aboard the Polar Express.

Eddie was officially done posing for pictures by this point.

Luckily he got his second wind back at Grandma and Grandpa's house thanks to the rejuvinating powers of playing in a big pile of leaves.

It also happened to be Homecoming Weekend for USU. Here's the view out the back porch on Saturday night.

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Cheryl said...

It was a good time. I'll have to get some of your pics since my camera was at a soccer game. I love the one of Eddie laying in the hay bail and the one in the leaves.