Feeling Crafty

Working at SLCC for a few months really taxed my creativity. I spent countless hours at work with nothing to do, so I spent countless hours trying to find ways to occupy my time in some sort of productive manner. This extra time (combined with crazy hormones) led me to think of several projects I wanted to make for Morsel. Dave thinks I am "unstoppable." I think I just like to have something to keep me busy. Here are the crafty baby projects I have been working on over the last couple of months:

Rag Quilt

Loyal readers may recall that I made a rag quilt for Eddie as well. His took about 3 years to complete. Luckily, with the help of some more thorough instructions and a bit more motivation, I was able to complete Morsel's in about 3 months. Yes, that's still a long time... but I get distracted. I used the step-by-step tutorial found here.

My quilt was a little more complicated since one of the fabrics I chose is a minky fabric, which means it is thicker, furrier, and slicker than standard flannel. I was not very diligent about my measurements or my sewing, so some of the seams do not match up, but I think the overall effect is the same regardless. And it will match the red/purple color scheme of our nursery beautifully!

Rag Burp Cloths

With my left-over flannel from the rag quilt, I decided to make a matchy-matchy burp rag. I used the tutorial found here. I have never seen burp rags made this way, but it was really easy, taking a total of 15 minutes to cut, sew, and rag the edges. Then, one trip through the wash, and voila!

Hair Bows

I am probably jinxing Morsel to be bald for the first two years of her life, but I feel it's worth the risk. Using various internet tutorials and some of my own creativity, I made a bunch of hair bows. The intent is to buy (or make) some cute headbands to attach them to, so Morsel's hair (or lack thereof) will not be an issue in accessorizing. Plus, I now own so many different colors and patterns of ribbon that I might have to start mass-producing them.

Baby Legs

Since baby leg warmers are all the rage these days, I figured I needed to try my hand at making a couple of pairs. I used the tutorial found here. They were pretty easy to make. The biggest problem I ran into is that the socks are really stretchy and curl up when you cut them, which makes sewing a complex thing. Plus, in order to sew all the way around the sock, I stretched it over the end of my sewing machine, which ended up stretching the cuff out and making them sort of wonky shaped. After one washing, they have shrunk a little bit, so hopefully with additional washings, they will return to a simple cylindrical shape.

Pending Projects

With over three months of pregnancy remaining, I am nowhere near finished with my projects. I still plan on making a car seat cover, a car seat canopy, a receiving blanket with matching burp cloth, and more hair bows.


Heather Dayton said...

Is 'wonky' a word? I guess you would know - you're the english major. :) I like it though-haha! Anyway, I am impressed with your craftiness.

Hali said...

I am impressed, I make a blanket for both boys and called it good. Who knows, maybe one day if I ever get a girl I would feel more crafty. Until that time, well done, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

you're crazy lady but I love it. Start sending Dave to the Stampin' Up! employee store for ribbon. It's crazy cheap and really nice.

Dave said...

I was very relieved when the baby legs turned out to not be a literal representation of their name.