Cinematic Utah: Magna-ficent Marquees

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I've heard plenty of less than flattering things about Magna. However, the historic main drag there is pretty cool, at least for a lover of old timey buildings such as myself. If it hadn't been raining that day, I might have stayed a little longer and shot more than just the theaters (including a Christian church with a sign that said "Magna-fy Jesus").

Kamas Theatre #1 // Kamas // 5.31.10

Kamas Theatre #2 // Kamas // 5.31.10

Empress Theatre // Magna // 6.11.10

Gem Theatre #1 // Magna // 6.11.10

Gem Theatre #2 // Magna // 6.11.10


Ben said...

Ahem..."less than flattering things about Magna"...do tell?

Ben said...

And furthermore, you know, my parents have season tickets to the Empress theater. We went to a show there once and it ranked extremely high on the lame scale. Bunch of former Cyprus High thespian nerds in the cast, horrible acting. Of course, my Dad was moved to tears by the performance. I need to use that "Magna-fy" thing more in my day-to-day. That's a winner.

And Dave, you are lame.

Jessica said...

ok. there is a little theatre in midvale that if you blink your eyes youd miss it. I will see if i can find it again and let you know. I hope these make it to a coffee table book!!