Dah-Pah, Dee-Too

For the last several weeks Eddie has been repeating the phrase "dah-pah, dee-too," and Kristen and I have been left to wonder what it could possibly mean. Finally, as both me and his cousin Sarah have had birthdays this past week, we figured out he is saying "happy birthday to you." Eddie serenaded me with the birthday song several times throughout the day on Saturday, and pitched in to help Kristen make me this custom card.

Kristen made birthday ice cream sundae pie for the third year running. You should know, if Eddie gets mad enough, he will bonk his head on the nearest available surface. As he was finishing his pie, he suddenly got quite angry (I can only guess because he wanted more), and head butted his plate. Luckily the camera was nearby to capture the aftermath.

We dropped Eddie off with my sister Cheryl for the evening, then went downtown to Settebello for dinner. As we were being seated I noticed Utah Jazz legend Frank Layden was sitting at the table right next to ours. When I pointed him out to Kristen, she inquired, "Was he the one that was really fat, then melted?" The one and only.

After dinner we headed over to Spring Mobile Ballpark to see the Salt Lake Bees take on the Reno Aces. Thanks to some discount vouchers from citydeals.com, we got a good deal on some seats right behind home plate.

Midway through the game we enjoyed some overpriced ice cream from a souvenir helmet. It was well worth it though. The next morning I washed the helmet out and gave it to Eddie. It has seldom left his side since, even going to the tub and to bed with him.

The Bees fell behind 3-0 early, but clawed their way back into it. By the bottom of the 7th, it was all tied up at 5 when Bees star Cory Aldridge knocked in the go-ahead run. I happened to have my camera out and captured the game-winning hit in progress. Final score: Salt Lake 6, Reno 5.


Hali said...

Looks like a good time, I'm sure it was a good birthday indeed.

Christie said...

I want that pizza.