Cinematic Utah: Beyond Cinedome

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We have driven to both ends of the state over the last few weeks, giving me the opportunity to photograph a few more old theaters along the way. As I progress further into this little odyssey, I am starting to feel pangs of regret that I didn't ever go to see movies at some of these places before they closed, particularly the Cinedome 70 in Riverdale. It is such an unusual structure. I imagine its large, curved screens must have offered a very unique movie going experience. Have any of our readers out there ever seen a movie at the Cinedome?

Cinedome 70 #1 // Riverdale // 5.15.10

Cinedome 70 #2 // Riverdale // 5.15.10

Main Street Theatre #1 // Beaver // 5.17.10

Main Street Theatre #2 // Beaver // 5.17.10

Cedar City Twin Theatre #1 // Cedar City // 5.22.10

Cedar City Twin Theatre #2 // Cedar City // 5.22.10


Cheeseboy said...

The Cinedome looks a LOT like the old Century theaters on 3300 south before they tore them down and rebuilt them.

This is like my favorite thing. I am so intrigued by these old theaters. Hope you find more.

robmba said...

I saw Apollo 13 there back in the day. It was deathly hot in there and we arrived late so had to sit on the front row, extreme right side so ended up with a sore neck. Given what the astronauts were going through, I didn't feel it right to complain much about my discomfort.

ScottBoomer said...

The Cinedome?
I thought that place was called the Dolly Parton theater?

Dave said...

Apparently there is a Facebook group to save the Cinedome 70, which might be torn down to make way for a car dealership.