Six Years and Counting

Kristen and I celebrated our sixth anniversary on Friday. In the afternoon we took Eddie to the zoo (romantic, I know). Meeting us for the trip were my sister Christie and her three boys.

As we were finishing up at the zoo, Eddie went straight for his favorite ball fountain. This photo really captures the frenzy that ensued. After a few minutes of splashing, Eddie had thoroughly soaked himself, just in time for us to hand him off to Christie so we could go to dinner.

We then went a few miles up Emigration Canyon to Ruth's Diner. I find it fascinating that you can live in a certain area for so long and never know about a place like this. It has only been since we have started to become more versed in the local food culture that we have heard about Ruth's. The restaurant itself is a converted trolley car—a great atmosphere to enjoy some quality diner food.

After some deliberation I ordered the Cajun Bacon Bleu Burger. I have noticed that a burger can often be measured by how good the bacon is. In this case it was exceptionally thick and crispy. Likewise, the patty was perfectly charred, and the bun was soft and fresh. I upgraded to onion rings, and was glad I did. Meanwhile, Kristen went for the decidedly not low fat fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and loved every minute of it.

After dinner, we headed down to Temple Square. We shared a few laughs as we overheard a geeky Mormon street band performing outside of Deseret Book on South Temple. We were also sure to admire the flowers, which were much more impressive than the day we got married, having just endured a hail storm.

Finally, we stopped at Maggie Moo's in Sugar House to get some ice cream before picking up Eddie. After Christie raved about how well he had behaved all evening, Eddie serenaded us with screams the whole way home, bringing us swiftly back to reality.


Christie said...

Happy Anniversary.. Eddie was a gem :-) (and yes, I can now read your blog again without my computer crashing)

ScottBoomer said...

Congratulations you two. I hope you have many more great aniverseries.

Cheeseboy said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. I am going to try Ruth's. All these years and I have never been there.

Krissy said...

I think that "bringing us swiftly back to reality" is one of Eddie's main functions. It was a lot of fun... all except the ride home. And now I know to pack an extra outfit for Eddie when we go to the zoo.

Erika said...

Happy Anniversary! It was good to see you guys again. Hopefully next time we all get together I won't be flying solo. Wow. Six years. I'm only on four. Time flies so fast.