A Very Special Birthday

This past Saturday we had a 90th birthday party for my Grandma Jones. My mom was the principle mastermind of the event, so she recruited me to design a few things for it.

The main project was a book of posterity. Everyone in the family sent me photos, and I laid out pages for all of Grandma and Grandpa's kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

I am expecting everyone to be able to fill out a four generation pedigree chart of my family after this post.

"Presented to Ellen Gardner Jones in honor of her 90th birthday - May 29, 2010"

After a nice dinner, the Logan Canyon Winds came to perform two pieces of music that my Grandma's brother had commissioned in honor of their mother, or my Great Grandmother.

I designed a program for the performance, which also included a short profile about my Grandma and her mom. Happy birthday, Grandma!


Kirsten said...

I never got a chance to see the book. I'm assuming it's at her house now? We'll have to go give her a visit.

Jessica said...

isnt it cool knowing a great grandparent!!

Christie said...

I thought it all turned out lovely. I never got to read the program... I assume there is an extra laying around somewhere..

Cheryl said...

I never read the program either. But the book was very nice.