Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day I made Kristen waffles for breakfast, grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner, and did my best to wrangle Eddie so she could enjoy a stress-free day. Then we spent a pleasant evening over at Oquirrh Lake.

Mother and child give their best contemplative stare off into the distance.

As we sat out on the dock, I dipped my big toe in the lake to test the temperature (it was very cold). Of course Eddie immediately wanted to follow suit. Kristen looked on nervously as I firmly held him around the waist and he splashed to his heart's content.

We were enjoying a peaceful lakeside stroll, at least until Eddie refused to walk and made us carry him.

Eventually we made our way over to a bridge so we could engage in the grand old tradition of throwing sticks into the water.

Just what is going on in that two year old mind of his? The meaning of life? Gratitude for his loving parents and their willingness to carry him? Searching in vain for some stray "dip dip" on his upper lip?


Kristina Carter said...

Cam and I have a mission we'd like to give you. We want you to go visit Colonial Flag and do a post about it. I'd tell you more but it would just give it away.

Dave said...

Sounds... mysterious.