What Happened in Vegas, Pt. 2

Eddie doesn't get to see his Andrews cousins very much since they live in Cedar City, so he quite enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with Dax and Riley (and Logann, not pictured).

Let me just tell you, we really struggled finding our way around town. Our convoy of cars made a lot of U-turns over the course of the trip. As we drove around trying to find the Mandalay Bay parking garage so we could visit the Shark Reef Aquarium within, Eddie got so agitated that he ended up being a wreck the whole time we were there. Too bad for him, he missed out on a lot of cool marine life.

He seemed to have more fun in the gift shop.

The condo pool provided a welcome respite from the craziness of The Strip.

In our quest to find family friendly attractions, we heard about a "pirate show" performed regularly in front of Treasure Island. All kids love pirates, right? Plus it was free, so it seemed like a no brainer.

Well, this show was kind of like pirates crossed with the Spice Girls. Words cannot describe how excruciating it was, with poor lip syncing, lousy choreography, and groan-inducing double entendres. At least it was relatively short, only claiming 15 minutes of our lives. Eddie's expression says it all.

Our final activity of the trip was going to see Bodies: The Exhibition at the Luxor. It is similar to other shows like Body Worlds, where preserved human bodies are displayed, highlighting the various bodily systems. Pretty interesting stuff.

What better way to conclude this series than with Mini Elvis cutting in on a Stormtrooper's would be street corner photo-ops. It's not the greatest photo since I snapped it with my camera dangling around my neck while walking, but it sums up Las Vegas nicely. Such a warped place. It was an enjoyable few days, but I can't say we're in a hurry to go back any time soon.


Cheeseboy said...

Looks like the perfect vacation.

Hali said...

At one point Vegas was going for the "family friendly" atmosphere, then they remembered, oh that's right we are Vegas we don't encourage families. So they got rid of that stuff and went back to doing what they do best. Glad you had a good time! :)

Krissy said...

To clarify, Eddie was horrified by the canons and fireworks. The rest of us were horrified by the hoochies dancing around on the pirate ships.

Jessica said...

i looks like they put the body worlds in place of where the titanic exhibit was??

Dave said...

No, the Titanic exhibit is still there, right next to the Bodies. We thought about going to that one too, but didn't get around to it.