A Night in the Life of a Cub Committee Chairman

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

6:25 Since Kristen has to work until 8:00, I take Eddie to pack meeting with me. How bad could it be, right?

6:27 The church is locked. We wait for a key.

6:35 The time for pack meeting to start has come and gone, yet the Cubmaster is nowhere to be found.

6:40 The Cubmaster is still AWOL, so I try to call him. No one answers, but I leave a very strenuous voice mail.

6:42 The boys are getting restless. If we wait much longer someone is going to start carving a sharp point on the end of a stick.

6:45 We decide to start the meeting sans Cubmaster.

6:46 The Bear Scouts lead the flag ceremony while Eddie discovers the joys of flipping the lights in the cultural hall on and off.

6:47 I scoop Eddie into my arms and start the presentation of awards.

6:49 With my attentions on juggling Eddie and sorting out kickball belt loops, the boys perform one of the sorriest watermelon cheers on record.

6:51 Either Eddie's shirt is wet from playing in the drinking fountain or I have started to sweat profusely.

6:52 One of the Den Leaders graciously comes up to assist me.

6:55 Eddie has a new favorite cheer: count to 3 and scream.

7:00 The Cubmaster finally arrives, thinking pack meeting was supposed to start at 7:00.

7:01 I gratefully turn things over to him. Eddie and I then run laps in the halls of the church for the remainder of the meeting.

7:30 After the meeting ends, as I am preoccupied discussing plans for next month's Raingutter Regatta with the other leaders, Eddie horks down 16 chocolate chip cookies.


Hali said...

So in other words, you LOVE your calling?

Dave said...

I really don't mind the calling most of the time. Think of this post as me symbolically throwing my arms up in surrender to the evening's ludicrous chain of events.

Krissy said...

You should've just put Ed on your shoulders and told him to hang on tight. That would've freed up your hands for those kickball beltloops.

Or you should've demanded that your wife quit her job so that she could be home to tend the uncontrollable toddler.

Cheeseboy said...

Oh, I have had your exact same calling. Ugh. Sometimes it is brutal as per your description.

I was thinking his shirt was soaked from the pitiful watermellon cheer!

ScottBoomer said...

I enjoyed this post.

It made me gratefull for my calling as a ward missionary, where I do nothing.

Having been a single parent for a year I know what it feels like to try and juggle a child while trying to do other stuff.

Marc said...

I appreciate your use of the term "horks down."