Jeepers (Heber) Creepers

We spent our weekend up at the family cabin, or as Eddie calls it, "Cavin's house." I'm not sure who he thinks Cavin is—just an imaginary friend with a rustic house in the mountains I guess.

On Saturday we took a short drive over to Heber City and had lunch at the Spin Café on Main Street. Defying an unwritten county ordinance that all restaurant decor must incorporate wood paneling and/or deer antlers in some way, this surprisingly hip little eatery instead favors bright colors and brushed steel. As for their menu, it's an unusual combination of barbecue fare and gelato. 2 out of 3 Bartons recommend it, but pay no attention to Eddie's dissenting vote—his eating habits change daily.

After lunch we hitched a ride on the Heber Valley Railroad. Something like an old timey train ride deserves to be documented in black and white. Who's with me?

"Choo-choo!" Eddie thoroughly enjoyed the ride. We opted for the 90 minute Soldier Hollow Express, and that was pretty much perfect for his 2-year old attention span.

Kristen and I were high alert, so we were able to narrowly prevent Eddie from chucking his hat and sippy cup over the side.

As we passed a little creek along the way, Eddie inquired, "Swimming suit?" Then later on, as the train wound along the edge of Deer Creek Reservoir, he asked, "Get in it?" The kid loves being in the water even more than train rides, apparently.


Cheeseboy said...

You didn't even need to write the words "choo-choo", I could see exactly what that kid was saying.

Hey, btw Dave, your comments on my blog RULE! Always the most funny.

Christie said...

Love the pics.. We need to take our boys on the creeper sometime..