Krissy's Life in Film, Pt. 1

Obviously, I stole this idea from Dave. You can see his "Life in Film" posts here, here, and here. While Dave chose movies that have held up over time (for the most part), I chose the movies that have had the biggest impact on me, even if I would no longer care to watch them. If we've already blogged about one, I have just linked the title to the corresponding post instead of writing more about it now. Enjoy!

1984 // The Nightmare on Elm Street & The Muppets Take Manhattan
I elected to break the rules right from the start and declare a tie for 1984. This strange pairing seems to represent my childhood very well. I was a kid, so I loved the Muppets, but I also was not very sheltered, so I was exposed to some movies that I probably should have never seen. I still love Muppets Take Manhattan, perhaps more for nostalgia than anything else. My favorite part is Miss Piggy's roller-skating chase scene. But the part when Kermit has amnesia and encounters Gil, Jill, and Phil is priceless as well.

Then one fateful day in the fall of 1989, my neighbor was babysitting me and, unbeknownst to my parents, I was allowed to watch Nightmare on Elm Street. I remember very little about the movie itself. What I do remember is that seeing that movie when I was 5 has scarred me for life. At the time, I had nightmares for months about Freddy Krueger. To this day, I think he is one of the most terrifying characters ever. I also think this is responsible for me not liking scary movies and still being a little bit afraid of the dark. I would be confident in saying that Nightmare on Elm Street is probably the movie that has had the biggest impact on my life.

"Whatever you do don't fall asleep."

1985 // The Goonies
We already have plans to elaborate on the wonder that is Goonies in a future post, so I will spare you for now. Suffice it to say that I pretty much have the whole thing memorized and I always wanted to be a goonie. I even wore a denim jacket because I thought Mikey's was so cool.

"Ye intruders beware. Crushing death and grief... soaked with blood of the trespassing thief."

Runner-up // Commando

1986 // An American Tail
This was, hands down, my favorite animated movie as a kid. I never thought of it before, but perhaps this movie is the reason I've never cared for cats. It's got great memorable characters and even greater songs. The only bad thing about it: the sequel. I remember that I was quite distraught when our VHS tape with this movie recorded on it got lost so I could no longer enjoy the adventures of Fievel Mousekewitz.

Runner-up // Wildcats

1987 // Raising Arizona
Even though I never saw this movie until after Dave and I were married, it is one of my favorites. It might partly be because I can really identify with Ed. Not that I would ever think kidnapping is a good alternative to having children through more legal means, but I can understand where she's coming from. A woman gets a little crazy where her maternal instincts are concerned. Just ask Dave.

"Edwina's insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase."

Runner-up // Dragnet

1988 // Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Animation mixed with live action? Sign me up. This was one of the few movies my grandma owned when I was growing up, so it got watched a lot. I had it memorized at one point and still find myself quoting it sometimes. I especially like the diabolically evil Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom with his "dip."

"The apple of my eye! The cream of my coffee! Playing patty-cake with another man!"

Runner-up // Big

1989 // Back to the Future Part II


Cheeseboy said...

Back to the Future II was the most confusing, but most underrated of the Future franchise.

Hey Dave... I am linking your blog from mine so I don't have to go through Ike's blog to find it. Congratulations on becoming my blog friend.... or should I say, I'm sorry.

Dave said...

I thought I should illuminate the "future post" that Kristen references in her segment about The Goonies. Last year when we were regularly doing "Movies We Grew Up On," I had a great idea for a new installment called "Marital Strife Edition."

We would each pick a movie from our childhood that we love, but that our spouse hates. Then the one who hates the movie would write about it. Kristen's pick was The Goonies, and my pick was E.T. I still think this would make for a classic post, but neither of us wants to watch the other one's movie, so it has stalled the whole series since last June.

Jessica said...

ok Who Framed Roger Rabbit. STILL a great movie to this day. :D