My Life In Film, Pt. 2

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My offer still stands if anyone out there wants to try this idea on their blog. Anyone? Anyone? (crickets chirping) Very well then...

1995 // GoldenEye
Runner Up // Batman Forever

1996 // Mission: Impossible
See Tom Cruise run in slow motion. See Tom Cruise get crazy ("They're dead, they're aaaaall dead!"). See Tom Cruise dramatically rip off a myriad of rubber faces. See Tom Cruise blow up aquariums and helicopters with chewing gum ("Red light! Green light!") I think this movie might be even more entertaining than it used to be, thanks to the signature unintentional comedy of Mr. Cruise.
Runner Up // Mars Attacks!

"You've never seen me very upset."

1997 // Men in Black
Men in Black was my cinematic salvation in the summer of '97 after the crushing disappointment of Batman & Robin. I saw it three times in the theater thanks to its perfect mix of sci-fi, comedy, and giant cockroaches in Edgar suits. This is Ghostbusters for the next generation (even spawning an animated series and a mediocre sequel). Plus, who can forget Will Smith's heralded return to his hippety hop roots?

1998 // The Truman Show

1999 // Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
Runner Up // The Matrix

2000 // Remember the Titans
This feel good football movie gets the nod because it was the only movie I saw in the year 2000, due to being on my mission in Iowa at the time. I unsuspectingly called in to report my weekly numbers one Sunday night, and was taken aback when we were given permission to go see this movie the following P-Day. Apparently the mission president had seen Remember the Titans with his family and loved it so much that he wanted the whole mission to see it too. Of course, some dumb elders were spotted coming out of an R-rated horror movie a few weeks later, so all future moviegoing opportunities were promptly ruled out.
Runner Up // O Brother, Where Art Thou?

"You understand me?"

2001 // The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
A grand beginning to a classic story, this film remains my personal favorite of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since it served as my introduction to Middle-earth, The Fellowship of the Ring had the newness factor going for it. The iconic characters, the sweeping cinematography, the epic score by Howard Shore—everything was so fresh and unfamiliar. Plus, I tend to prefer its more intimate, self contained story, which concludes on just the right note of hope and dread for the future.

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