Family Photos '09

A few weeks ago the Barton family had photos done at Wheeler Farm. My sister-in-law's sister, Mary Anne Miner, was the photographer. Be sure to check out her photo blog. She did a great job.

You're lookin' at the next James Dean.

Would you believe Eddie was shrieking in dissent just prior to this shot? Kids can turn it on and off so easily.

Another classic Ed face.

I tried to convince Kristen that we should do a Sears Portrait Studio spoof for our family photo this year, but she wasn't biting. You know, something like this? Or maybe this?

A very nice portrait of my family. It certainly beats our infamous Sears Portrait Studio shot we had done in the late '80s that was affectionately dubbed "The Monstrosity."


Ben said...

C'mon Dave, let's see the monstrosity!

Dave said...

I'll have to consult with my siblings to see if they approve of me releasing said monstrosity into the wild of the interwebs.

Christie said...

Why not. Friends have posted all sorts of 80's hair pictures on Facebook, so bring it.

Anonymous said...

you guys look great!!