Thanks to some discount tickets, we went to Lagoon with our friends Marc and Hali and their boy Calvin on Friday night. Here's another example of how having a kid changes your life. Theme parks used to be about covering a lot of ground and getting on as many rides as possible. But on this night we found ourselves just trying to find something Eddie could ride that wouldn't totally terrify him.

The carousel wasn't the answer. As it went around and around, Eddie clung to the bar for dear life. The kiddie coaster, Puff the Little Fire Dragon, inspired shrieks of terror. And he flat out refused to let go of Kristen when she tried to put him in the baby boats.

It had been several years since I had ridden the Wild Kingdom Train. Let's just say it gave me new appreciation for Hogle Zoo. All the animals looked pretty sad in their little concrete cages. I made it a point to apologize to a llama for getting stuck with such a miserable existence.

Eddie survived Dracula's Castle, and Calvin was there to give him moral support on the Junior Speedway. I take his blank stare to mean he is having the time of his life.

I suspect that by next year, the Lagoon/theme park experience will once again be transformed for all of us.


Krissy said...

Maybe if you had made that first photo a little larger, your post would've drawn more comments.

Christie said...

Ew. I just enlarged the first picture.