Here Comes the Sun

As I have mentioned before, I manage the Park City Sundancers as part of the WFBL, a not-so-ordinary fantasy basketball league. Next week I will start my fourth season.

League founder Ben Barnes, also a graphic designer, originally started the league more or less as a creative outlet to design a bunch of sports logos. But when he invited me to join the league in 2006, I told him I would design my own logo. Since I am a born procrastinator, I dilly-dallied for several months before finally throwing something together just a few short weeks before the season started. And I was never totally happy with the end result.

Each subsequent season since then I have considered revising my identity, or even changing my team name (the Sleepy Hollow Horsemen has a nice ring), but haven't got around to it. A graphic designer cannot live by candles alone, so this offseason I finally got crackin'.

Since my team name was originally inspired by the Sundance Film Festival, I wanted my new identity to be sufficiently cinematic. As I researched, I found my graphic solution in the movie theater marquees of yesteryear. The sun, doubling as a basketball, emerged as a centerpiece of the new identity along the way (particularly in the secondary mark).

Primary Mark

Secondary Mark


So, after having contemplated a new and improved Sundancers identity for the better part of three years, the end result is everything I hoped it would be. Now, about that first league championship...


Krissy said...

Nerd alert!

Ben said...

Dave, you finally have a logo that belongs in the upper echelon of the WFBL. Now, if only you had a team that did too. Zing!