The Sands of Time

An essential part of any childhood visit to my grandparents' house in St. George was a trip to the sand dunes in Snow Canyon. So, as we headed further south on Saturday morning in search of the aforementioned warmer climates, we decided to stop at the sand dunes along the way.

As I spotted the cinder cones along UT-18, I knew we were getting close. Quite unexpectedly, I was reminded of a forgotten childhood fear that these extinct volcanos would suddenly erupt as we drove by and turn us all into ash. But, just as we always did back then, we made it through this treacherous territory unscathed by any stray molten lava.

This couldn't be the same boy that Kristen describes here, could it?

There's nothing quite like the feeling of sand between your toes.

Or the grinding sound of sand embedded in all the little knobs and buttons of your camera.

Father and son recreate old memories while making a few new ones. I promise I didn't steal that from a greeting card.

Eddie had such a good time playing in this "giant sandbox" that this dormant tradition could see a revival.

"Don't go drinkin' any first... just prime the pump!" 10 points for anyone who can identify the reference.


Ben said...

Family Home Evening Video (10 points)

I dunno if I would have enjoyed the Sand Dunes. I hate sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating...it gets everywhere...not like here. Here everything's soft and smooth...

Krissy said...

If you zoom in on some of those photos, you can see sand caked all over Ed's chin. He ate a giant handful of it and exclaimed "yummy!"

robmba said...

The Pump, ever a classic. I showed the video one week when I taught Deacons, even though it was only tangentially related to the lesson, just because it's such a great video.

Christie said...

We went there a year or two ago with our boys.. Fun times.. but for some reason, my childhood memory has the sand being white. I always hated The Pump.