Friendly Fillmore

Last Thursday Kristen and I rather spontaneously decided that we needed to get away for the weekend, hopefully to warmer climates. So Friday morning we packed up the car and headed for Cedar City. While stopping for lunch in Fillmore I took the opportunity to shoot a few photos.

Memo to owners of old timey theaters still in use: Please only show cool movies. My work is unavoidably sullied when tripe like "Tooth Fairy" is emblazoned on the marquee.

Now, where to eat? How about Winget's Korner Drive Inn?

On second thought, it's a little too run down even for us.

We soon made our way to our actual lunch destination, Larry's Drive-In. We found it to be a worthy addition to our growing arsenal of old fashioned burger joints along I-15. The second half of our weekend adventures, featuring photos of us actually doing stuff, will be coming shortly.


Cheryl said...

Did you take some Statler Brothers and Beach Boys along?

Dave said...

I worked in some Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, CCR...

Hali said...

I love Larry's, I am glad to see you finally made it there and liked the food!