Sexy Vampire Candles

My boss came strolling into my office a few months ago, unable to suppress the giggles. With this bit of forewarning, he told me about a new project: Twilight Candles. He also made me promise not to blog about this until the collection officially debuted. Well, they were unveiled at a trade show this last weekend, so I can hold my tongue no longer.

Apparently he has had enough requests over the last few years that he finally gave in. I suppose it makes sense. The women who go crazy for Twilight also happen to be the primary target market for scented candles.

The fragrances in the collection are musky, fresh, outdoorsy—meant to conjure the Pacific Northwest where the series is set. Since this isn't officially licensed merchandise, the trick has been to make them sexy, but not so sexy that we infringe copyright.

Rejected Concepts

Approved Labels

The final art looks a little more sci fi than sexy vampire, but at least Salt City (probably) won't get sued. Now if you will excuse me, I've got to make some room in my portfolio for these beauties.


Cheryl said...

I'm sure that was fun project for you to work on...Hee, hee. The look good.

Caitlinp said...

I sure hope they have a little blood scent, too. Just a little to drive those vampires wild.

Ben said...

You should think about getting some of those rejected concepts put together. I'm sure there's a market for disembodied Edward candles.

kjtroxel said...

I was thinking the rejected designs were kinda hot!
And what...no iron scent in the mix? you know for blood?

ScottBoomer said...

Seems like a prety good wedding present for someone to take on thier honeymoon.

cam-ron said...

ha ha