Spring Cleaning

As it is getting to be that time of year, we have been sporadically working on spring cleaning the last few weeks. While sorting through old clothes, I found a few memorable t-shirts that deserve the blog spotlight.

This shirt goes all the way back to my last year of Little League when I was 14. I must have just had a growth spurt because I got an XL, so it still fits me to this day. Not only that, it is a marvel of quality construction. There are some cracks around the edges of the white trim, and the stitching along the bottom of the shirt is starting to come undone in one spot, but it is in amazing condition considering it is pushing 15 years old. I still like to wear it occasionally, even if it always elicits questions about my loyalty to the Yankees.

I happened to be at Disneyland on a high school band trip at a rare cultural crossroads when both Star Wars and tie-dye shirts were popular. I picked up this explosion of psychedelic nerdery at the Star Tours gift shop, and boy did I wear it A LOT back in the day. I hadn't even realized I still had the shirt until Kristen pulled it out from the bottom of a bin of quilts. Maybe I'll save it for the midnight showing of Episode VII: Revenge of the Skywalker Ranch Utility Bill.

This shirt came to be during one of the fleeting moments of unadulterated fun and creativity while working at Nutraceutical. It was inspired by one of my coworkers who revealed that she had attended clogging camp as a child. When she was out of the office one Friday, I spearheaded a design for our very own Nutraceutical Clogging Camp, and we spent the afternoon ironing it on to shirts. The surprise unveiling when she returned to the office the following week was a clog-worthy hit.

I took a flash class in college, and one of our assignments was to build a faux E-Commerce website. A Korean student, Jong Soo Jeung, was the mastermind behind Pet City, a now legendary site amongst all involved with the class. Filled with classic broken english like "The company to make pleasure with selling pets" and "We are wait for your voice," I collaborated with my friend Ben to make shirts so Pet City could live on. But don't think we were just making fun of Jong Soo. He was a good friend, and got a complimentary shirt for the "pleasure" he inspired.


Ben said...

Pet City for the win. Every time I go there, I can't decide if I want to purchase Ki-Ki or Ko-Ko, and whether or not I should get the cat with super cat's eyes, or the squirrel dressed as Superman. It really is one of the best marts.

Krissy said...

You forgot to mention how, when I found that Star Wars shirt, I insisted that you wear it for the rest of the day. Of course, you didn't... but I was happy to see you put it on for a while so that I could mock it properly. It's too bad you didn't wear it when we went to the midnight showing of Episode III. I could've dressed as Jar Jar and we would've been the coolest kids in town.

Jessica said...

I remember that Star Wars shirt for sure.