(By the way, I am your father.)

My boss recently asked me if I could design a few quick things for his son's Star Wars-themed 4th birthday party. Well, if you recall my "Very Star Wars Birthday" posts (found here and here) from earlier this year, you will know that he came to the right person. After my boss explained that he had rented a full Darth Vader costume to wear for the occasion, I knew what I had to do. Here is the birthday card I came up with.

And on the other side...

When my boss came into my office the next day, I asked how things went. He shared that when he told his son what the back of the card said, he sat quietly thinking for a few minutes before finally asking, "Darth Vader isn't really my father, is he? You're my dad, right?"

Yup, my work here is done.


Christie said...

That's hilarious. I can only imagine how this would terrorize Joshua. Remember that one time when you guys watched Empire Strikes Back at Cheryl's?

Ben said...

You gotta get some pics of him dressed up as vader.