Cabin Fever

We took a trip up to the family cabin with my friends this past weekend. We all had a good time hanging out and relaxing, at least when we weren't worrying about the canoe potentially falling off our car, or scouring the entire forest for Marc's lost glasses. Here are some photos.

The Gang L-R: Me, Eddie, Kristen, Hali, Calvin, Marc, Lucy, Scott, Lariann.

We had a picnic at Smith & Morehouse Reservoir on Saturday. The changing fall leaves were amazing.

How do city slickers entertain themselves in the woods? Throw rocks into the water. The rocks got progressively bigger as the afternoon wore on.

I couldn't find any of the bigger life jackets with the rest of the canoeing accessories, so our options were between kinda small, way too small (but ninja turtle-themed), or taking a chance with no life jacket at all. Thankfully none of us drowned.

Saturday night we ventured into Oakely to try out the vintage Road Island Diner. Originally built in 1939, It was transported across the country earlier this year and completely renovated. It has been regularly packed since its debut, so we were worried about there being a long wait, but we arrived fairly early (about 5:30) and were seated immediately. It was a fun retro atmosphere, and our teenage waiter was named Elmer, I kid you not.

Eddie was sleeping in his car seat when we placed our order, but just as a I predicted, he woke up in a very foul mood right as our food was arriving. Since the quarters were a little cramped, I took Eddie outside while Kristen ate her dinner, then we switched. My burger was okay, but it was the kind you have to put the fixins and condiments on yourself. If I'm gonna pay someone to make me a burger, I prefer it to be completely assembled when it arrives. Plus it had been sitting there for 15 minutes by the time I go to eat it, so that probably didn't help. On the plus side though, the fries were tasty, and the homemade root beer was excellent—I highly recommend it.


Ben said...

Three cheers for Art Deco!

Anonymous said...

You are the biggest loser.

Christie said...

I've been wondering about "the diner". We'll have to try to make it up there before winter sets in..

Natalya said...

People should read this.