Feeling Crafty, Pt. 2

Car Seat Canopy

Since car seat canopies are all the rage these days, I decided that Morsel needed to have one. I found a tutorial online here, bought some fun fabric, and sewed this puppy up pretty quickly. It is a really easy project that could probably be done in an hour if you do things from start to finish in one sitting (which I don't). The best part is, the canopy coordinates with the car seat cover that I made as well.

Wipe Case Cover

One night while I was lying in bed not sleeping (that happens a lot these days), I started thinking about projects I still wanted to do. I have ample amounts of leftover fabric from various projects, so I thought I ought to make use of it to turn our not-so-cute Winnie the Pooh wipe case into a ridiculously cutesy custom wipe case. I used leftover fabric from the canopy, along with some ribbons and crocheted flowers I got from Stampin' Up to cover the case. The tutorial I followed is here. This project probably took me between 1-2 hours, but shouldn't have taken that long. I was being a little bit particular about lining things up and gluing the ribbon edges down. Really, it should probably not take more than 45 minutes to do. Of course, if you have a toddler like Eddie, you might end up re-doing all the gluing after he dismantles it.

Car Seat Cover

And now for the one you've all been waiting for... the car seat cover. Even before we found out that Morsel is a girl, I had thought about doing something to change up the look of our car seat. I had seen someone's car seat at church where they had made a slip cover for the seat, so I started looking for tutorials on how to do that. The problem with a slip cover is that it is not quite as fitted and, well, looks like a slip cover. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I found a great tutorial on Etsy (check out the shop here). I still wasn't sure if I had the sewing skills to pull it off, but once we found out we were having a girl, I decided to give it a shot. After all, I couldn't have a baby girl riding around in a blue and gray car seat... could I? I bought the tutorial and read through it 5 times before finally undertaking what I thought was a daunting task.

It turned out to be easier than I thought it would be. The toughest parts for me were getting the holes for the straps the right size and trying to sew darts to actually lie flat. I didn't really succeed in either, so don't look too closely. But the actual sewing was pretty easy. The seat itself turned out to be quite the circus of color, but I think it is cute, and will be even cuter with a little Morsel in it come January. Plus, thanks to my amazing foresight, the cover coordinates with the canopy (which, coincidentally, coordinates with the wipe case).


Hali said...

You are just all sorts of coordinated, I love it. I am way impressed, I just bought all new, did not even attempt to make. Congrats, they are all so cute!

Dave said...

I bet Morsel is going to be surprised when she discovers you sewed a puppy into the car seat canopy.