Sunday Snowy Sunday

As Eddie was climbing out of bed at 7:00 am on Sunday morning, I asked if he wanted to look out the window to see the newly fallen snow. He excitedly responded "yeah!" and sprinted across the hall into our room. After having to point out all the things outside that had snow on them (houses, cars, trees, etc.), he was so anxious to experience the snow for himself that he asked if he could "go out the window." For those who may be unfamiliar with the layout of our house, our bedroom is on the second story.

Once the window request was denied, Eddie continued to ask "wanna go outside?" all the way down the stairs, then burst into tears when we insisted that he eat breakfast first (chocolate chip muffins no less). So at 7:20 we were pulling snow clothes out of the closet, and by 7:30 Eddie and I were stepping out into the winter wonderland.

Kristen joined us shortly thereafter, as soon as she managed to zip her coat over her pregnant belly.

Eddie puts the finishing touches on our little snowman, and by finishing touches I mean he is about to topple him over.

This is pure snow! Do you have any idea what the street value of this courtyard is?

Of all the days of Eddie's life, this one was probably in the top 5 (minus the part where he slipped on some ice walking to church and bonked his head on the sidewalk). The morning did turn out to be quite lovely, and thankfully not as cold as we first feared. Still, I'm pretty sure Kristen and I deserve some sort of parents of the year award.


Hali said...

Kristen, I am impressed you got your coat zipped over your belly, you get a gold star for it!!!

Krissy said...

I really had to suck it in to get the zipper up... and it kept riding up. But it did the job for the morning. I'm not really sure how I'll keep myself covered for the rest of the winter since I am growing at an incredible rate.

Jessica said...

i LOVE that you quoted better off dead. priceless.