Sandwiches Unlimited

We are well overdue for another look at the local sandwich scene as my last post came all the way back in August of 2009. We've checked out so many places since then that I deemed it necessary to pull a few off this list to save for next time (expect that post to land sometime in early 2012).

Coronado Subs
2762 W 12600 S, Riverton

As far as I know Coronado Subs has very little to do with Coronado Island—other than sandwich names like "The Captain," and a few perfunctory oars and life preservers hanging on the walls—but who am I to nitpick? I have tried nearly everything on the menu in the short time they have been in business (maybe six months), and haven't gotten seasick once (badum).

The Italian Place
48 Federal Avenue, Logan

The Italian Place is a quirky joint with a confusing menu hidden on an obscure alleyway in the heart of downtown Logan. What's not to love about that sentence? One thing I'm curious about is its relationship with the Italian Place franchise with various locations in Utah County (which we have yet to try). They have the same basic logo, yet they utilize separate websites. Does anyone know the sordid backstory behind these apparent rivals?

New York Deli
36 N State Street, Preston

Our sandwich quest has taken us all over Utah, and now for the first time it has taken us to the faraway land of Idaho. And let me tell you, it was well worth the trip. These sandwiches are piled high with a half pound of mouthwatering slow smoked meat. And in the most lopsided fight of the century, the meat absolutely destroys the overmatched hoagie roll. But the real victor is the happy patron—stuffed silly, but with enough leftovers to get you through next week.

Port of Subs
177 W. 12300 South, Draper

Our second nautical-themed sub shop of this post actually just opened in Draper this week. Being the sandwich enthusiasts that we are, Kristen and I were present to take advantage of their generous grand opening offer of any 5" cold sub for $2. Port of Subs' gimmick of choice is slicing the meat and cheese to order right before your eyes. Why, you ask? To paraphrase the tagline adorning the wall of the restaurant, "because it's better." Any other questions?

San Gelato Café
11259 Kestrel Rise Road, South Jordan

When I first heard that Daybreak was building the SoDa Row shopping district, I loved the concept of our community having its own little "Main Street" (and secretly pined for a single screen art deco movie theater to complete this fantasy). Unfortunately, construction wrapped up right as the economy was tanking, so many of the storefronts are still currently vacant. So it's kind of like a bizarro old timey Main Street where the empty buildings are pristine instead of dilapidated.

Back on point, one of the first businesses to open at SoDa Row was San Gelato Café. Complimenting the large assortment of gelato flavors is the panini, which has a certain high-end flair (translation: it's kind of expensive—about $8 per sandwich). Normally I don't mind paying a little more for exceptional quality (see New York Deli), but the skimpy portions don't quite justify the high price.

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cam-ron said...

I just have to say that the owner of the Italian Place up in LoCache is a total psycho. I used to work about a block from there, and there was never a dull moment when we'd go in there. Definitely one of those guys that can completely insult you to your face yet you somehow walk away without being mad at him.

It's a rare gift.