Carving Time

Kristen and I talked about carving pumpkins all through October, but by the time we finally made our way to the nearest pumpkin patch just a few days before Halloween, we were disappointed to find a pretty sad selection (and a whole lot of mud).

It took some searching (and wheelbarrow rides), but we did eventually find a few non-rotten pumpkins. Then once we got them home I battled a bad case of carver's block, but I finally settled on the house from Psycho. Meanwhile, Kristen carved a Morsel, and Eddie slacked off this year.


Heather Dayton said...

Krissy I love your pumpkin! Did you just free-hand it?

Caitlinp said...

So, I really want a picture of Krissy holding the morsel pumpkin right infront of her belly. Maybe that would be too creepy. Way to go guys.

Krissy said...

Dave found a picture of a pumpkin with a fetus on it, then sketched it up for me to use as a pattern. It's helpful to have an artistic husby. And the pumpkin is long gone now, so there will be no creepy belly photos. Sorry to disappoint.