This Day in History

November 24

1784 Zachary Taylor is born, the 12th President of the United States. Taylor was the last President to hold slaves while in office, and the last member of the Whig party to win a presidential election.

1859 Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species is published.

1868 Scott Joplin is born, composer of the ragtime classic "The Entertainer."

1887 Victorien Sardou's play La Tosca premieres in Paris, but doesn't reach its full potential until the opera adaptation is juxtaposed with sexy Daniel Craig shenanigans in Quantum of Solace.

1888 Dale Carnegie is born, renowned self-help lecturer and author of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

1947 John Steinbeck's novel The Pearl is published.

1954 Air Force One, the first U.S. Presidential airplane, is christened.

1960 Wilt Chamberlain pulls down 55 rebounds in a game, an NBA record that still stands today.

1969 The Apollo 12 command module splashes down safely in the Pacific Ocean, ending the second manned mission to the Moon.

1978 Katherine Heigl is born, almost single-handedly keeping the chick flick genre alive into the 21st century.

1984 Dr. Harlow Smoot plans to attend the BYU-Utah State football game in Provo, informing Rene and Teresa Andrews that they can have their baby before or after the game. The Cougars win the game 38-13, but talk about the Cougars' undefeated season and national championship hopes are quickly overshadowed by the birth of Kristen Nicole Andrews.

Happy birthday, Kristen!


Hali said...

Happy Birthday Kristen, such tough things to compare to on this day! Have a good one!

Christie said...

Happy Birthday-- hope it has been a lovely week of celebration :-)

Caitlinp said...

So...was it before or after the game? Happy Birthday Krissy.

Ben said...

Kevin Love will break that rebounding record this year, I'm calling it!