I Wish

Don't get me wrong... I am extremely happy to be having a baby in two months. But, I feel that everyone is entitled to complain now and again... and if you're pregnant, you're entitled to complain daily. Besides, since all of Dave's current blog post ideas involve animal parades, I feel okay about taking the reins and posting a few things I wish I could be doing this winter.

Bending Over Without Gasping

I am really looking forward to being able to breathe properly in just two short months. Since the last time I was pregnant, I forgot how much I take for granted being able to tie my shoes, or put on my socks, or paint my toenails without having to pause to catch my breath.

Going to Disneyland

Maybe I'm just getting a little bit of cabin fever, or maybe it is because all sorts of people we know are either taking vacations or planning vacations right now. Whatever it is, I am jealous and I wish we could take Eddie to Disneyland during the holidays. Alas, it is just not practical for us to go at the moment. So we are hoping we'll be able to take a trip in April before Eddie turns 3. Still, that's 5 months away. I can only imagine the cabin fever will be much worse by then.


Even though I have only been skiing once (last winter) and couldn't walk for days afterwards, I had so much fun that I have been wanting to go again ever since. Now the ski resorts are opening and I am beginning to wonder if I'll be able to go this winter at all. Obviously, I can't go before the baby is born, but who knows how I'll feel afterwards. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will recover quickly enough that I'll be able to go at least once before the season ends.

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Dave said...

You just wait, my tribute to the Running of the Bulls is gonna knock your socks off.