Name That Baby

Once we found out Morsel was a girl, our most frequently asked question has of course been if we have any names picked out. Why yes, yes we do, thanks for asking. Kristen and I have narrowed our list down to the following five options. The comment board is open to voice your favorite. Or, if you prefer, tell us which ones are shared by an obscure acquaintance from your distant past that you HATED!

1. Bella Barton
A lot of people wrongly guessed the inspiration for Eddie's name when he was born, but perhaps it's time we fully embrace the Twilight angle. Of course, there is a small risk of some residual weirdness between siblings when they discover they were named after star-crossed vampire lovers.

2. Albus Severus Barton
After finishing the last Harry Potter book back in June (and just before we had announced our pregnancy to the world), I posted on Facebook and Twitter that "our next child will be named Albus Severus, regardless of gender." Since my social network credibility is on the line, I feel like I need to keep this option in play.

3. Kitanya Irenya Tatanya Karenska Alisoff Barton
We would call her Miss Kitka for short, a charming acronym that anyone who has seen Batman: The Movie 50+ times will appreciate (okay, that's pretty much just us and you, Hali). Dah, what a purr-fectly lovely idea.

4. Dolly Barton
It has a nice, instantly recognizable ring to it, don't you think?

5. Beatrice Barton
I'm not sure why, but Beatrice has been my go-to pretend girl name for years. Plus, it would ensure that Morsel is actually born an old lady, thus inspiring a Benjamin Button sequel and making us stacks of cash.


Hali said...

Well since I got a shout out on your post, I think you know which one I am cheering for. All excellent options, I am sure the right one will be picked out by Scott.

Kristina Carter said...

Come on we want the real names, so we can say mean things then say, "Oh how cute" when you actually pick them.

ScottBoomer said...

Dolly Barton, thats awesome!
Why not a combination name, I mean clearly Scarc Mott is boys name so why not Hariane? combination of Ariane and Hali.
On a more serious note I've always liked Emily.

Caitlinp said...

Beatrice, simply because I want to use Albus Severus for myself.

Dave said...

I the mashup department, I think I prefer Ariali.

Luke and Mary said...

To avoid the awkward realization that Bell and Edwarda are actually lovers... you could name her Alica. Or Rosalie. Rosalie Barton... that actually has quite the ring to it!

Jess said...