20-Week Ultrasound

Today, we had our 20-week ultrasound. I was extremely excited to get to see Morsel again and to make sure everything is going well. I could already tell that she is growing (because of my giant belly) and getting stronger (because I have been able to feel her movements from the outside a couple of times now).

Our ultrasound tech was great. She talked us through the entire thing and told us everything we were seeing and everything she was looking for. Morsel is measuring just right for my due date and looks very healthy. And yes, she is definitely a girl. The funny thing is that right after we reconfirmed that fact, Morsel moved into this position:

And here is a shot of her beautiful profile:

The ultrasound tech was so positive through the entire thing that I was taken a bit off guard when the doctor later said, "I don't want you to be concerned, but I have to tell you that your baby has a small cyst on her brain." Before I had time to freak out about that (or really process it), he went on to say that this type of cyst is very normal and they "always" go away. But, just to be sure, they will be doing another ultrasound a few weeks before my due date. In the meantime, we are not supposed to worry about it.

To help alleviate any worries I may or may not have been feeling, I stopped at Shopko on my way to work and bought more baby clothes. Then I got to work and ordered some more. If nothing else, Morsel will be well dressed.


Caitlinp said...

She is beautiful. Bilbo loves her already. I hope everything keeps going well and you can successfully not worry about things! Just keep loading up on pink stuff.

kalista said...

I'm excited you're having a girl! Baby girls are definitely fun to shop for! I'm having my second daughter in December and even though I don't need to buy more girl clothes, sometimes I can't stop myself from purchasing cute outfits. :) I hope all goes well with your pregnancy!

Hali said...

What a lame doctor, why would he even say anything? I am glad that all is well and that you and morsel are happy and healthy. YEAH for babies!

Heather Dayton said...

Oh aren't littel girls just too much fun to shop for? I swear Kyla has 3 times as much stuff as Taylor and I always want to get her more. :) I am SO excited for you to have a girl too - I just knew Morsel was going to be a girl!