Buried Treasure

In the process of cleaning out our office to convert it into Morsel's future nursery, we have unearthed several forgotten treasures. Since we don't really have room in our little townhome for these things, we would be willing to part with them for the right price. Go ahead, make us an offer.

Two Binders of Baseball Cards
• Full page of Mark McGwire cards, sure to spike in value upon Hall of Fame induction
• Cards from the 1987 Topps collection feature stylish faux wood grain border

Dell Inspiron 1100 Laptop
• Vintage 2003 technology
• Sturdy like a bag of bricks, doubles as a leg warmer
• Makes a loud whirring sound when you turn it on—perfect for helicopter enthusiasts

The Phantom Menace Widescreen Collector's Edition VHS
• Retailed for $39.99 in the year 2000
• You never know when the famously stingy George Lucas will bother to re-release it from the Lucasfilm vaults

CD Rack
• Convenient place for storing your iPod


robmba said...

According to TuffStuff, your Barry Bonds may be worth $8 and Mark McGuire $3.

ScottBoomer said...

I'll give you $1 for all the baseball cards.

Hali said...

Scott you can have the 2 huge containers of baseball cards that Marc has too, for only a dollar.

Marc said...

I will trade you all of my baseball cards for all of yours...