300th Post Honorary Hullabaloo

As we commemorate 300 posts, I wanted to call attention to a significant recent moment that you may have missed. My mom has long maintained she does read her children's blogs, but was "of the wrong generation to comment." Well, after 2 1/2 years and 295 posts, #296 about family road trip music was the one that broke her silence. Here's hoping we aren't celebrating 600 posts by the time you comment again, Mom.

Now, on to the task at hand. As in the past, I have gathered some of our favorite posts from 201-300. If nothing else, the following collection shows that when I need to come up with something memorable, I just have to blog about Star Wars.

The Phantom Menace at 10: The Hype 5.19.09
Ten Things... You Should Never Have to Hear in Church (Part 2) 6.1.09
Swingtown Addendum 6.20.09
Gourmet S'mores 8.2.09
I-15 Adventures 8.5.08
My Pixelated Education 8.14.09
Tacos and other Swiss Delights 9.6.09
Holy Mackinaw! It's a CATastrophe 9.8.09
Ten Things... I Love About Watching MLB on Fox 11.5.09
Christmas in the Stars 12.10.09
Last Minute Gift Ideas 12.21.09
Free C-3PO 2.04.10


Christie said...

How did I miss a comment by dsb99? Are you sure it was Lorraine?

Dave said...

I assume it was Mom, but I guess there is a possibility it was Dad. Darn that shared email account.