I-15 Adventures

It's funny how your life changes in unexpected ways when you have a kid. We used to make the drive from Salt Lake to Cedar City (barring traffic) in 3 hours flat. Our trip down this past Friday stretched to nearly 5 hours thanks to a few pit stops. Still, this newfound leisurely pace has enabled us to discover some interesting places along the way that we would have missed otherwise. I guess that movie Cars was right all along.

Our first stop was Reed's Drive-In on Main Street in Nephi. For less than $12 we got a pair of fresh-cooked burgers, drinks, and more piping hot fries than the three of us could eat. Of course the ceiling looked like it was about to cave in on us, but these are the chances you have to take sometimes. 60 miles later Eddie was having a breakdown, so we pulled off and took a tour of Cove Fort.

Driving home on Sunday we stopped to give Eddie a break in the tiny town of Meadow, just south of Fillmore. The fact that Fillmore is the point of reference ought to give you an idea of just how tiny I mean. The benefits of the stop were twofold—first, Kristen and I now know the location of more baby swings along the drive, and second, I get the chance to revive my dormant photo series of old timey Utah.

Welcome to Meadow, where everyone gets a fair shake. (badum)

Hopefully Ted's isn't too far away.

More old, busted stuff made pretty by split tone effects. Thanks, Photoshop!

I'm always in the market for Fish 'N Tackle videos.

Baby swings and a teeter totter? This bodes well for future pit stops.


Christie said...

Great pics. A 4 man teeter totter no less. Nice. I think I may have eaten at Reeds before..

Krissy said...

I was quite surprised at how decent the park in Meadow was. The only problem was that the playground was surrounded by dirt instead of grass, so my feet were quite dirty by the time we finished playing.

And Reed's was pretty good. Beats the Oakley Polar King any day.

Next time maybe we'll stop in Kanosh just because it has a cool name. Or Sulphurdale. We'll see which one Eddie chooses.

Hali said...

Looks like good times, and again thank you for a picture of the both of you, so that I know that you were actually there and not just saying you were and downloading pictures off of the internet that you claim you took...hahaha

Dave said...

Boy, how pathetic would that be if I was using random internet photos to trick our blog readers into thinking we had visited Meadow, UT when we really hadn't?